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Allens Light Rail

Allens can supply any configuration of switch, crossing or curve section trackwork. Built to any form of complex configuration or straight-forward simplicity, trackwork is supplied in various rail sections up to 40kg per metre (80lb per yard) flat bottom. Sleepers ore manufactured from flat steel, specially rolled steel sections or treated timber.  Control mechanisms can be switched by hand, lever box or by remotely operated systems. Allens also supply symmetrical crossings, towed Californian crossings and tipping stations for use in muck clearing systems.

Ancilliary Items
Wheel and axle assemblies range from standard light duty tub wheels, through Allens ixion and mine car wheels, to heavy duty assemblies which carry up to 16 tonnes per axle. The Allens universal coupler is notable in a variety of buffer and coupler styles. Pedestals are available from the plain pig tail type to the Allens ixion pedestals, as used on such items as brick and kiln cars.
Wheels and Axles
Allens universal couplers
ixion wheels and axleboxes
rails and accessories
points monitoring and locking systems
lever boxes
wheel stops and buffers
vehicle creepers and feeders


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